Design of a mobile app for those with small boats looking to find top ranked lakes to visit. Once the user chooses a lake, either by state or by lake name, they learn more about the area. There is an opportunity to create an itinerary, upload photos, and rate lakes themselves. The screen shots show the selection of Lake Tahoe in California.


Goal: Klorman Construction wanted to win more project bids and to acquire new clients.


Solution: I researched competitor websites and concluded they had more modern and responsive websites, showcasing their projects. After creating an estimated budget, I convinced the Vice President of Business Development and the President/CEO to update their website in order to remain competitive. I created wireframes for approval and then designed and developed the website using Adobe Creative Suite and WordPress. I continue to design and develop material for the company.


I designed a mock up of a character driven mobile game. The design and characters were created in Illustrator.


Goal: I saw an opportunity to create an internal website for the Media Arts & Animation department at The Art Institute of Washington. It would enable current and future faculty and students to learn more about the department, to get inspired in what both faculty and students do, and to have one place for important departmental content to be held.

Solution: I created a website design to be focused on both students and faculty. It included sections meant to motivate students such as “Success Stories” and “Student Work”. If I were to redesign the website, I would have not included facilities nor events and I would have put “Success Stories” right after “Student Work”.


Goal: Two scientists wanted a website to showcase what they were currently researching and doing for science education. Since I have a passion for education, I wanted to assist.

Solution: Because their field was focused on child science education I chose pictures of children interacting with actual live modules. I included videos that would provide real life science scenerios and coded the site with CSS and HTML.

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