Goal: Because the BUSL boat is very small (49-ft), with little room to move around, one can easily get their foot wrapped in a chain and go down, resulting in death. The U.S. Coast Guard needed a way to teach boat operators how to perform dangerous tasks without injury.

Solution: Online training was the chosen format that afforded operators to train in a safe setting. In order to simulate realistic job tasks, I filmed and took pictures of Subject Matter Experts performing their job duties. I then used the reference material to model the boat in 3D and render it from viewpoints that would best highlight each job task. To help operators retain information, all job tasks were either interactive and/or animated.

Outcome: I received high complements on the realism of the training.


Goal: A  human resources department needed to train everyone in their large company on a new financial and human resources system.

Solution:I designed a ‘quick tip’ guide, fitting content into a single page through the use of spatial relations. I focused on consistent typography, color, and shapes to show hierarchy of topics and design elements. Designed in Adobe InDesign.


Goal: A new company, similar to Home Depot, wanted to host “how-to” projects online in order to entice customers to buy their products.

Solution: After meeting with home pros, I designed storyboards for small “how-to” projects. I used Maya to model the hardware in 3D and render it to 2D for the web.  I created a simple user interface that highlighted each step of the project..


Goal: One of the largest companies in the world, Sodexo, has an annual event each year, Invent2020. This event showcases company highlights, next years goals, and business plans. Sodexo’s training team was tasked with creating all material and hosting the event online for higher management to attend remotely.

Solution: Through online research and by working with different departments throughout the company, I obtained complex content and was able to write scripts, design storyboards, and produce interactive training. I also created all of the environments, including the user interface designs, graphics, and user experience for the online event.

Outcome: Higher management provided us with compliments about the ‘look and feel’ of the online conference as well as their user experience.


I was responsible for scriptwriting, storyboarding, designing, and developing online courses for different clients.
Various icons and screen grabs from different modules 


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